About Us

Bryan Kiefer, Esq. has been a licensed Florida Real Estate Instructor since 1997, having taught over 10,000 students during his career. Also licensed as a Florida attorney since 1992 and a Florida Real Estate Broker since 2003, Bryan is uniquely qualified as an expert on Florida Real Estate law and licensing.  As the author of the course textbook for both the Sales Associate and Broker Pre-License courses, Bryan Kiefer and Kiefer Seminars is able to provide our students with the very best real estate education available.

Lou Jimenez, our Shalimar instructor, is licensed as both a Florida real estate instructor and sales associate. In addition to his real estate background, Lou has extensive experience and knowledge with financial markets having previously served as a Chief Executive Officer of a major financial institution in New York. In addition to his finance background, Lou imparts a practical, working knowledge of today’s ever-changing real estate market that he enjoys sharing with all his students.