General Info

Once I enroll, can I begin the course right away?
Yes.  The registration process takes about a minute.  Once you are enrolled, you will receive a password which will entitle you to immediate access to your course.
Is there any way to obtain a Florida real estate license without having to take the pre-license course?
Generally, all applicants must complete a required pre-license course, either online or in-person. If a non-resident of Florida already has a real estate license from another state that is classified as a mutual recognition state, then that person is excused from the requirements of a pre-license class. The mutual recognition applicant takes a state exam of 40 questions on Florida law only. Please call us if you think you may qualify under mutual recognition rules.
The mutual recognition states include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island and West Virginia.
Also, persons with a 4-year college degree in real estate and members of the Florida Bar are not required to take a pre-license course.
What do I have to do to obtain a Florida Real Estate License?
There are essentially three things that must be accomplished. One, an application for a real estate license must be approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Real Estate. Two, the student must complete an approved pre-license course (like the one offered by Florida Real Estate Academy). Third, the applicant/student must pass the state exam with a score of 75% or higher.
Does my application have to be submitted before I register for a pre-license course?
No.  A person may first register for our online course, then submit their application to the Division of Real Estate.  We gladly assist all our students on how to process their application.
What if I don’t pass the online course exam?
If a student doesn’t pass the course exam the first time, they must wait at least 30 days before retaking a second test.  If the second test is not passed, then the student’s password expires, and the entire course must be repeated with full tuition being charged again.
What if I have questions or don’t understand a concept in the online course?
Students are encouraged to telephone and speak personally with one of our instructors during scheduled hours.  Our instructors write all our online courses (unlike other real estate schools) and they are well-qualified to explain all concepts covered in the course.  You can call us 9:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 850-934-0073 or email your questions to info@kieferseminars.com
What if I have questions before I order a course?
Please send us an email using the "Contact Us" section of our website.  Or give us a call during regular business hours.
Can I switch to an in-person class if I don't like studying online?

We always want our students to be happy.  The Florida Division of Real Estate does not allow a student to switch from an online course to an in-person class and receive credit for the class.  In other words, if a student wants to switch from an online class to an in-person class, they can but they must start over and begin the class on the first day.

Florida Academy of Real Estate will allow a student to switch from an online class to an in-person class for a transfer fee of $79.00 with the understanding that the student must start the in-person class on the first day and attend each classrooom session in-person.